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With over 100 years of experience and 12 bakeries from coast-to-coast, Dempster’s® is committed to nourishing Canadians with the very best. Growing from a small Toronto bakery to a Canadian-loved brand, Dempster’s® continues to support Canadian farmers and the Canadian Food Bank to give back to their beloved country.


Inspired by Europe, baked in Canada. Villaggio® bread is deliciously soft, hearty and of high-quality. Their classic soft bread brings the warmth and simple pleasure of a village bakery to your table.

In line with the ethos of Feed Good Rewards™, Villaggio® is committed to providing nutritious products for the whole family.

Loaf of Stonemill® Multigrain Rye Bread


Our Naturally Fermented bread is allowed to rise naturally over time, creating great-tasting bread that's as wholesome as it is delicious. Why? Because we honour 100-year-old family baking traditions and time-honoured craftsmanship. And because it makes our bread more authentic, flavourful, and wholesome. Making you the best loaf of bread we can is worth the effort.



Thomas'® delicious Breakfast Breads and English Muffins are exactly what you want to awaken your inner morning person.

Thomas' Brand Banner
Takis® - Face the intensity Banner


Do you have what it takes to handle the intensity of Takis® rolled tortilla chips and spicy-coated peanuts? Are you able to stand a crunchy bite of our full-on flavour?


A little taste of joy whenever you like.
Vachon®. The very name ignites joy in our hearts and tummies. And who doesn’t love a delectable snack cake? Eat joy!

Vachon Snack Cakes Brand Banner
Oroweat Keto Tortillas Brand Banner

Oroweat® Keto

Giving up bread products is hard for those who love their Keto lifestyle, but now you no longer have to with our delicious Oroweat® Keto Original Tortillas! They’re made with premium quality ingredients and with no sugar added.

Sara Lee® Little Bites™

Delicious, peanut-free, bite-sized snacks for school lunch boxes, breakfast and anywhere on the go

Sara Lee® Little Bites™ Brand Banner

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